Holly Shay, LICSW

Specializing in grief, loss and                                            other matters of the heart.

Anyone who has experienced the loss of a loved one understands that healing takes a lot of time and energy. The intensity of symptoms associated with grief can make you feel like you are "going crazy". You aren't going crazy, but you may need to talk to someone who understands. Because I am a bereaved parent myself, I have chosen to focus my private practice on providing care and guidance to those who are grieving. If you are struggling with grief, please reach out to me.

"The combination of Holly's professional approach, well tuned clinical skills, warm personality and personal experience, create a space for clients that breaks down the isolation around their loss and encourages healing.  Clients have often remarked that they do not feel they could have found this special combination of support, advocacy and hope in any other therapist but Holly. Moving through the agony of her own losses, and pursuing her MSW and LICSW, Holly has stepped into the role of gentle, compassionate and driven advocate for others suffering in their own grief." Siobhan Mcauliffe